club thermal fun fly comp


On Sunday we had a club glider event at the Field. It was a no pressure, fly as often or as little as you wish, event. I would like to thank everyone who participated for joining in, I would like to think that everyone enjoyed themselves, I know that I did. I would also like to thank Alan Saunders who also participated, not by flying, but by timing for a number of the flyers. This meant we could have more people in the air at one time. Also thanks goes to Gus Greening who loaned Heath MacDonald his Radian, so that Heath could join in the fun. To good effect, with a second placing for the day. A special mention must go out to Norbert Moers who was flying an electric glider for the first time. He really stepped up to, and over the mark. A 6 minute 39 seconds flight is a great way to start your gliding career.  Congratulations to our three place getters, 1st  Brian Lewis, 2nd Heath Macdonald and 3rd Andrew Coulls.  A lot of people  picked up personal achievements on the day. Phil Whitehouse got his sixth and last competition to complete Level 3 in the LSF(League of Silent Flight) electric glider accomplishment program. Brian Lewis got his first competition, one Fifteen minute flight as well as a landing within 1.5 Metres of the spot, all for Level 2 of the LSF program. Bill Gibson, the best landings of the day, with 2 landings within 3 Metres of the spot, towards Level 1 of the LSF program. Heath Macdonald, Peter Duckworth and Norbert Moers all had flights of over 5 minutes that go towards Level 1. Laurie Wardle and Bill Gibson came very close to achieving the 5 minute mark. So in summing up, I would say that it was a great club get together, with one third of the member ship attending and most participating. The final results are shown below, with everyone’s best 3 flights counting towards the final result. A great number of people flew more than 3 flights.  Thanks again to everyone who was there and hopefully we can do it again soon and who knows, we might get a few more fronting up to make it even bigger and better.  Thanks again to everyone,  Barry